2009 Sponsors Needed

2009 Sponsors Needed




MoparStyle Racing, Ltd. is putting together its 2009 sponsorship package. We have an opportunity for one Major sponsor and many Associate Sponsors.


Big Red Ram Intends:

  1. To run every NMCA race in 2009

    • Florida

    • Michigan

    • Pennsylvania

    • Kentucky

    • North Carolina

    • Tennessee

    • Illinois

    • Dallas

    • St. Louis

  2. Big Red Ram intends to win the NMCA Championship for NSS

  3. Big Red Ram intends to not just be the Quickest and Fastest Mopar in the NSS class of NMCA for 2009, but the quickest and fastest of all NSS cars running in NMCA.

  4. Big Red Ram intends to run in the Dave Duell Classic (aka the NSS Nats) and win class

  5. Big Red Ram Intends to run at Mopars at the Motorplex 

This is an excellent opportunity to associate your company or product with a very high profile car at very high profile events all across the country.


For the Major Sponsor, we offer the entire red area of the doors, sponsored by "Your Business" in the header of this site, and recognition on the front of the Big Red Ram shirts sold on-line and at the tracks.


The Associate sponsors will have their Contingency sticker in the checker area of car, a link to their web page of their designed context on this site, and a 200 X 125 pixel banner of their design in the side bar of this site.


It cost me over $70,000 to build this car, the new transporter was $400,000, and I go through about $40,000 a year to maintain the car, transporter and get to the races (excluding a loss of revenue from missed work). I’m certainly not in it for the money as anyone thinking they can make money running the fastest cars of NSS is an idiot. I race for the love, excitement and comradely of the sport. All I want to do is provide some exposure to a few companies in exchange for covering a small percentage of my costs.


This car gets noticed and gets press. It is highly promoted on the net, in videos and on magazines. This is a car you will see and hear more about in 2009. Sponsorship of it will benefit your company.


I can use cash, service or product in return for advertising space on the car, trailer, and web site. Race gas, synthetic oil, slicks, transmission, clutches, diesel fuel, driving suit, brakes, safety, pit items, …… Contact me with a proposal — and I’ll listen. I’m not looking for a handout — but a mutually beneficial sponsorship package. This car gets in magazines, on TV, and all over the web.

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