I've been putting together a MoparWiki — where Mopar enthusiasts with valuable knowledge all collaborate to add a little to a particular topic — and a large Mopar Encyclopedia comes of it.

Main Page

An example of a couple of pages that are on their way to having complete information (although it is never complete so long as someone else ever has something to add) are:

A couple of pages that I know a few people here have the knowledge, or the contacts with knowledge, to complete are:

Dave Duell
Arlen Vanke
Judy Lilly
Dick Landy
Bill Golden
Ronnie Sox

I'm hoping those of you with the information (Full name, spouse, date of birth, date of death….) to help get these topics on a roll will take a moment to help. In the end — I'd like for them to share the same format used in say Richard Petty's page.


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