September Report

September NSS Report

Monster Mopar Weekend

The Monster Mopar Weekend had 75 entries, which is another record. I remember my first Monster in 2003, there might have been 35-40 NSS cars. As usual, Doug Duell with help from Bob Wilkiewicz ran a smooth ship. Despite the number of cars — staging was very organized.

It rained Friday, and very little racing was going on. Saturday we managed to get in a TT in the morning and then start Class Eliminations after lunch. This was interrupted twice by rain — and NSS/A and FX was not able to finish by the time we needed to leave for our Driver's Dinner — and so those classes finished on Sunday morning.

The driver's dinner this year had guest speaker Herb McCandless, who entertained us with stories of old. TTI donated a $500 gift certificate for headers — and I'm happy to say my son Dallas win it. He had an otherwise rough weekend — detailed in the MSR Blog below. While I don't recall hearing Doug Duell explaining it — Damon Kuhn from Diamondback Engines contributed a new, but heavily reworked for NSS, 800 Carb (retail value $500) — won by the Seltzer and White team. Doug's favorite Charity "Santa Clothes" did well with a couple $100 bills getting stuffed in the box.

Sunday we finished Class Eliminations. The winners were:

  • NSS/G [13.00]

    8606 Bax; Henley, MO; ‘62 Pontiac, 13.08

    NSS/F [12.50]

    777 Rhoda; Brookfield, WI; ’63 Plymouth, 12.52


    7042 Kuenster, J; Potosi, WI; ’59 Chevy, 12.03


    7063 Kuhn, M.; Celina, OH; ’63 Plymouth, 11.37

    NSS/C [11.00]

    7572 Ray; Atoka, TN; ’65 Chevy, 11.00


    7777 Duell; Newburgh, IN; ’67 Plymouth, 10.54

    NSS/A [10.00]

    4965 Sanders; Brook, IN; ’65 Dodge, 10.03


    7747 Herzing; St. Clair, MO; ’63 Plymouth, 9.60

    Low Elapsed Time

    17 Quinn; Springfield, IL; ’62 Pontiac, 8.939

Eliminations started after lunch, and lasted until about 10PM when a non-Mopar final between Jim Nederland and his Buick and Steve Wilson and his Chevelle had Wilson win the event. This is the first Monster Mopar Weekend that did not have a Mopar as a winner.

I pointed out at the Driver's Dinner that many of the FX Drivers (there were 12 of us that made it to FX Class Eliminations) felt it a bit unfair that we bring the fastest cars — yet are forced to run as one class, while a few of the slower classes don't have but 2 or 3 in the their class — yet are not combined.

The next day, a little birdie told me that my complaints didn't fall on deaf ears — and that next year they would still run all of the FX cars together — but that it would be made into an event in itself with a $1000 prize to the Class Winner. These are arguably the most exciting cars of the NSS cars, doing the biggest wheel stands and smokiest burnouts — and I think it is a good idea that they get some special recognition for building and bringing the faster cars to the Monster.

So if you have a car hanging abound the 10.0-11.0 area — you might strongly consider tweaking it, getting your license, certify the cage, and run in the FX Classes next year.

Click here for the discussions and photos of this last Monster Mopar. Your car is most likely there.

MoparStyle Racing Blog Entry

The following is a more of a personal note on what happened in the pits of Big Red Ram and Texas Black Magic.

We (Deb, Hope, Dallas, I, and the three dogs) loaded up Tuesday, left Wednesday morning and arrived Thursday morning — after having the rig washed across from the track. After setting up the pits — we took both Coronets to be teched in. My son Dallas normally runs a 10-second Demon in NMC — but will be running the black Coronet in C/FX starting next year — and this was a dry run, since there is no NMC at the Monster.

As stated above, Friday was a raining until late in the day. On the first TT had the car breaking up at 6000 and oil spraying from somewhere. We guessed the oil pump and replaced the bolts with lock washers. We couldn't make either of the symptoms occur in the pits and he took the car out for another TT. It still broke up — and still leaked oil. It was suspected that the oil was coming from the left head — so we spent until 2:30AM replacing the head gasket.

Meanwhile on my car — I had lined up with 7 other 8-9 second FX cars at the end of the line — where we were going to run the cars all out in a match race. My car gave me a hard time starting up in the staging lanes, then broke up horribly in third and fourth gear on my pass — and finally stalled at the end of the track and wouldn't restart. Back in the pits, (after a tow) we observed a burned rotor and so I replaced it. The car wouldn't restart and it was suspected I flooded it — so I changed the plugs. The car still wouldn't start and gave indications that it was a timing issue. The crank trigger's accuracy has been suspect all year — so I went to Indy's tent and bought a MSD Distributor (I have three on the shelf at home — but none in the trailer) and a set of wires for a MSD cap. Damon locked down the distributor and installed it (as it has to be clocked due to the interference between Indy's intake and MSD distributors). The car started right up — and after another reclocking the wires — we were able to get 36 degrees. The car was finished in time for another TT, was back to running its number.

Saturday after the first round of class eliminations, Dallas' car was still leaking and breaking up — and looked as if the engine needs to be pulled — so we pulled the plug on his car and put in on the trailer. In my first round, I was lucky that my opponent red lit as my car bogged bad off the line — with the fuel pressure showing 13 pounds flooding the carbs. After the pass — fuel pressure was down to my normal 9 pounds so I didn't give it any more thought. Sunday it was down to five of us in FX and I was to run Mitzi. I totally goofed — thinking I was doing a qualifying — and pressed the light not thinking it made a difference. I red lit, but actually thought I won the race until it came to me on my way to get the ticket. Mitzi wound winning class after a bye and another red light — which was nice since it was ten years ago at the Monster that Bill last raced — and he won class.

In the first round of eliminations I had a bye — and again the fuel pressure shot up on that run. Back in the pits it was 16PSI — and so we scrambled to change it with the one from Dallas' dead car, while they were calling us to the line. In the second round I had a .020 light and ran a 9.501 (on a 9.50) against Psychotic Reaction. In the third round I was up against Charlie and his 59 Chevy — and although I had a good RT and ET — Charlie bettered me in both and ran a 11.503 on a 11.50 class.

We started packing up — but did get to see the 4th round get run — where all four passes were settle by a red light. We pulled out of Gateway at 8:30PM and drove all night to arrive home (900+ miles) at 11:30AM Monday.

After Memphis, we'll freshen up my engine for Dallas' car, build a new one for my car, and see what the deal is on the engine in Dallas' car — and put it in the wagon — where I'll have the Big Red Ram as a backup.

Started Work On Calendars

Every year I try to put together a wall calendar of NSS cars. In the past, Donnie from Photo Sport has allowed me to select 13 photos from the Monster for this calendar. No one takes better photos than Donnie — as he not only gets close to the action — but he also has proper flash lighting. Last year I took 100s of photos of the NSS cars — but my problem is that I'm not allowed to get as close, which causes lighting and obstruction (other people along the wall taking photos) problems. Since I will only use the best photos, I can usually only find 5 for every 200 I take that meets my criteria. I think that between all of the photos I have taken and a few that have been sent to me so far — that I might have enough to put together a calendar as good as the previous five years.

However, if you have an excellent track photo, and you would like to have your car in the 2010 Wall Calendar — please take it to Kinkos, Office Depot, or Office Max RIGHT NOW and have them scan it at 300 or 600 DPI (preferably as a PNG — but JPG is almost as good) — and email the file to me at with the subject Calendar.

Here's what I look for when I select the 13 photos. The car has to be colorful and representative of NSS cars with the period graphics. An all white or all red car without graphics usually won't do. Also, I try not to have too many of any one colors. The lighting has to be good (no heavy shadows on the side of the car) and the obstructions in the foreground minimal. People like to see either super smoky burnouts — or the front wheels off the ground.

I would like to get this finished in the next day or so — so I can bring 50 or so Calendars to Memphis for the NSS drivers to purchase without having to do do on-line. So if you want me to consider your car — email me the data file of your scanned photo by noon Friday.


The MoparWiki project is a collaboration of many people's information, to put together an encyclopedia of all things Mopar. I ask those Wordsmiths and those with valuable reference material to please be part of that collaboration. We have Wiki papers on Mopar people, Mopar models, Mopar Makes, Mopar Racers, and Mopar drive trains. It is a work in progress just starting to get a roll going — and sure could use the help of some of the older Mopar guys sharing their knowledge and old references. Examples of the pages are:

The On-Line help is excellent. You have to register (simple deal that takes 10 seconds) at to be able to add or edit a Wiki. Please check it out and help out where you can.

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