The 2010 NSS Calendars are Ready

The 2010 Nostalgia Super Stock Calendar is Ready


Each year I put together a Nostalgia Super Stock calendar. A few years back, I had the help of Donnie at Photosports allowing me to select 13 of his photos to use. In the last few years, Photosports has not been the photographer at the Monster — and so I've used a combination of my photos and those sent in. Since I am hopefully racing with the rest of Nostalgia Super Stock — my only opportunity to photograph the NSS cars is if I'm out (which means others are also out) or broke.

This year I only received track photos from Jim Guy and John Grinwald (plus one of my car) — so I had search through a couple hundred of track photos I took this year to find another 11 that I can use. I try hard select photos that get the wheels up on launches, has a wide selection of makes and colors — and try to give preference to cars with period graphics. It is pretty hard to get good photos from the stands because of lighting conditions and people/golf carts in the foreground. — but I feel like I found eleven that I can be proud of. Below are very low resolution version of the high resolution images used for the calendar.


The 2010 NSS Calendar is ready now, and for the month of October, it is priced $1 less than it was last year. Also available from the above images are coffee cups, refrigerator magnets and note cards. Click here to view the items and order on-line.

These Calendars make excellent Christmas presents and the magnets excellent stocking stuffers.

If you have a colorful NSS car, and a track photo of it showing a little air at launch — you have a chance to get it in the next NSS calendar by taking the photo to Kinkos or Office Max — and have them scan it at the highest resolution they can. Then email the photo's file to me at and give the particulars.


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