Fleshlight Destroya Insert is your exclusive internal canal of this sensual actress Stoya and is available in conjunction with her pussy orifice. The canal has a high-density bulge texture and a method of many variously shaped chambers.

There are many long-stemmed lumps inside this room that taper to a point. These lumps are organized so that they confront one another and extend almost through the whole spherical chamber. This is located a ring of horizontal rectangular lumps followed by additional long-stemmed, pointed bumps that float in a 45 degree angle at the path of the canal entry. This previous chamber part is coated with a gently ridged texture using 0.1 inch (2 mm) ribs.

Fleshlight destroya

Picture from Flickr Fleshlight page.

The stimulation within the Destroya Sleeve is exceptional, very full of variety and incredibly intense. The tight entry passage applies a satisfying tightness feeling on the penis head accompanied with a superbly pointed stimulation, caused by the long-stemmed lumps within the round chamber. Then you feel another very noticeable rib feeling at the passing to the primary chamber. Once you move through it along with your manhood reaches the primary room, the penis head is touched with the ring of lumps at the entry. Your manhood head subsequently becomes surrounded with a”woods of spiky bumps” that generates many miniature pointed stimulations that, in their entirety, ends in a really extreme and incredibly pleasurable stimulation feeling.

When slipping Big Red Fleshlight in and out, you are feeling continuously changing extreme pointed stimulations and robust vibrations sensations, which leads you quickly and efficiently to a strong orgasm. The stimulation is much more extreme than within the Stamina Training Unit and a very gratifying experience, which a pure vagina can’t supply.

The final ribbed portion of this Fleshlight Destroya canal is sadly unreachable for guys with normal penis length (5.9 inches / 15 cm) though it functions as an excellent vacuum accumulator, supplying an exerts powerful suction effect that also intensifies the superb stimulation.

The clean up of the bulge interstices as well as the chambers of the Fleshlight Destroya canal is comparatively time-consuming and you must therefore turn the add inside out. The drying period is relatively lengthy, requiring approximately 3-5 hoursand needs to be supplemented with extra drying from the internal canal.