I love to travel and that I like to fuck a fantastic fake vagina from time to time. What could I say? Nobody understands my sweet place like I do, and there is just something gratifying about popping off one really fast without needing to cuddle somebody later. Anyhow, I had been planning on a long journey and decided to see if my brand new Fleshlight Flight Pilot might hold its own at a lot of different situations.

Fleshlight Pilot
To start with, I bought the thing since I genuinely love the brand. It is similar to the Cadillac of imitation pussies. I am also a huge fan of the patented SuperSkin substance which outlines the lung and opening. I find it particularly realistic-feeling once you heat up the sleeve prior to using it. Occasionally I’d like to close my eyes while I am becoming one in, and I swear it seems just like the real thing — minus all of the unnecessary wiggling. And I need to know. I’m not wonderful to mine.

My Expertise

I show up in my parents’ home to keep between destinations and that I whip out my small toy when everyone is settled for the evening. I had mine on the airplane, and I kept wondering when this adorable stewardess had some idea I would be considering her afterwards when I utilized my Fleshlight Flight Pilot to burst my own.flight-sizeflight-size I did not fret about it had been stuffed in my luggage possibly, since I fell in when packaging and it did not even get a scratch on it.

I guess I must inform you I only have done abusing the shit from my Fleshlight Flight Pilot before my people walked to tell me a crap about disarming home alarm, but mercifully the slick and streamlined casing made it super simple to conceal. For around two, I took it into the shower with the Flight Adapter I’d bought at precisely the exact same moment. Problem solved.

The extreme sucking sensation, together with the fact there are many different touch components such as lumps, ribs, and palms, makes each round — different or not — a complete delight. Among my favourite features is that the canal, naturally, but a good deal of this is due to the simple fact that its width could vary from super tight into a bit looser. The Fleshlight Flight Pilot is excellent on its own also, but it is readily complemented using the Fleshlight Flight Instructor if enhancing your endurance is something that you’re considering.

I actually did not have a lot to whine about if utilizing my naughty instrument, however, you know how it goes: after you begin, your desire only grows. Here’s What I think are the advantages and weaknesses of the fake eyebrow:


  • Cylindrical shape, Instead of some funnel (because actual pussies do not emphasise )
  • Swirl-like opening (supplies a Exceptional feeling in your crotch)
  • Set of swirling touch components at the Peak of the room (to provide your penis head some thing to consider )
  • Spiky nonetheless soft touch components across the canal (to actually stimulate the manhood in most directions)
  • Discrete and compact layout


  • Altered Mini-Destroya feel (which reduces the amount of suction a bit )
  • Multi-chamber system is nearer to the front (significance: marginally shorter strokes)
  • Not Perfect for guys who prefer prolonged masturbation sessions
  • Stronger material counter-pressure can create it more glowing indoors, but if that modification is made from synthetic substance starts to feel much less realistic.
  • Somewhat Hard to wash and maintain (initially )